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Machine deposit and withdrawal

AUDEVA is an automated deposit management system for outstanding deposits and withdrawals 

Principle of operating

The machine allows making by the customers of the bank their deposits of cash or checks. It is also equipped with 6 compartments allowing the customer who would have made a currency order to come to withdraw his order in self-service. The locker corresponding to the customer's order is unlocked to allow the withdrawal Deposit


The trap is unlocked after identification ofthe customer and entered the amount deposited the funds deposited are stored inthe trunk at the bottom and recovered from the back in the secure room. 

Traceability of deposits and complete money order

Withdrawal orders after preparation are loaded into AUDEVA from the rear. Aa touch screen allows the input of information and the control of the loading operation. The customer who comes to withdraw his order, identifies himself with his card which can unlock the locker that has been assigned to him.The empty bin can then be reassigned to another customer.


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