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The Drawer Fast Counter is a great solution to count quickly the cash amount in the drawer.



When a shop / supermarket is not using fixed cash floats it is mandatory to make quite often controls to know what is exactly the amount of cash into the drawer and may find some cash errors.

The issue is that is takes some time to do such an operation and so the managers are inclined to do only few controls.

Here the operation last around 30 seconds with standard cash floats. As a consequence controls can be made quite often and it decreases the cash float errors that can be discovered.

The Drawer Fast Counter is the combination of a fast counter with a coin distribution system. The coin sorter uses a reliable mechanical sorting system thanks to the principle of the rail added to the accuracy of an electronic sensor for the value counting. All the foreign and doubtful coins are automatically rejected into the reject drawer and are not counted by the coin sorter.

On the LCD screen are displayed the total of the counting as well as the total for each coin denomination. The sorting operation can be made either in continuous mode or in batching mode. The DFC is user-friendly and easy to handle thanks to its LCD screen and to its numeric keypad.

The distribution part guides all the coins directly in their place in the cash drawer. So the operation is made very quickly and unlike a basic cash drawer the users don’t have to put back all the coins manually into the cash drawer. The DFC can be adapted to almost all the cash drawers in the market.


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