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The ECD 20-S is the ECD 10 more the lower part of the Easy Banknote Deposit for notes and envelopes.

Easy-to-use system

The ECD range of products has been designed in order to respond to each organization particular needs.

The ECD 10 can be completed by an additional module to process banknotes and envelope deposits (available on option).

This complete system enables a full receipt of cash and values and makes cash flow management easier. Operations are done on the touch screen of the ECD 10.


The ECD 20-S is equipped with 2 notes reader recognized worldwide for its reliability, its speed of acceptation and for its durability. Notes are accepted one by one in the four senses of introduction possible. Authenticity of notes is checked and doubtful ones are immediately returned to the user. A red light goes on when the user needs to retrieve a rejected note.

Then notes are stocked in a safety cassette with capacity of 1200 notes (2000 as option). The cassettes are approved for collection by Cash In Transit companies and ink system is available. In option, a banknote bundle acceptor can be added to the module.


The side part of this module can be equipped with a drawer for envelopes deposit. The user (in addition to coins and banknotes) can deposit envelopes with values, vouchers, tickets… Envelope introduction can be done only after user identification which unlocks the trapdoor. The passage sensor counts the number of envelopes deposited in the vault.


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