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The SCM-S is a compact and easy to integrate system for customer cash payment at the checkout which resolves main issues encountered with usual cash handling.


The SCM can be connected to almost all POS software and cash payment selection send the information to the SCM which will display on its screen the amount to be paid/ the amount introduced / the change given. All operations are made by the customer and sales are registered as usual in the POS.

The SCM-L is the smaller of the SCM models. It can be installed direcly on the counter.


Costs savings: no needs to dispense money to the cashiers at the beginning of the shift and to count it at the end of the shift

Safety: almost no more risk of robberies

Flexibility: it is possible to switch to one cashier to another at a glance

Hygiene: cashiers are no touching anymore coins and notes

Better customer service: cashiers are no stressed by the money and can dedicate to the customer satisfaction

Improved cash handling: with the SCM no cash discrepancies at the end of the day and the change given takes into account coins and notes stock for optimized cash management

Peace of mind: managers or shops owners do know that all the operations are well registered and that there are no longer possibilities of internal theft

Easy to integrate: coins and notes modules can be stacked on top of each other or be installed one next to the other depending on the existing checkout

Coins module

The SCM accepts mixed coins to encourage coins payment and for a fast acceptance. Change is given automatically in few seconds. The system manages 8 coins and all doubtful or foreign coins are directly rejected (as well as notes).

Notes module

All notes are accepted in a single slot one by one for a simple and reliable operation (no jams, no several slots…). As standard 2 notes types are recycled to give change (in option 2 more recycling parts are possible) To increase capacity a loading cassette is available to refill one of the recycling part.


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