Complete deposit system

The EBD is a compact system for the deposit of banknotes, mixed coins and envelopes. Its adaptability makes it suitable for any kind of organization.


Once the users have entered their code they just have to do insert the banknotes into the reader for them to be accepted and to credit their account with the corresponding amount. Foreign or doubtful banknotes are automatically rejected by the EBD. The touch screen guides the user during the operation. The EBD is very easy to manage thanks to the recording of all deposits.

Remote control software available in option (CSS) can give real time stocks of notes. It also allows reception of emails giving automatic messages when cassettes are full. The Easy Banknote Deposit can be managed from A to Z by the CIT company and the number of visits can be optimized thanks to the help of this software.


The EBD is equipped with 1 or 2 single note acceptors or bundle notes reader to propose custom made solution. Bundles of notes are accepted at the validation speed of 1 note < 2 seconds. With 2 readers the user can divide the bundle by two and use the two acceptors at the same time for a faster deposit. Storage capacity is from 1200 to 2000 notes per cassette.

Envelopes and coins deposit

The EBD can be equipped with a drawer for envelopes / values deposit. The user can   deposit notes but also envelopes containing values, vouchers, tickets…Envelopes can be introduced only after the user identification which unlocks the drawer and a barcode can be read, saved and its number printed in the transaction receipt.

Other option is mixed coins acceptor for small and medium volume of coins. Thanks to both options the user is entirely autonomous in its deposit operations for notes, coins and values.

Technical caracteristics

  • 1 or 2 single banknote acceptor

  • Banknotes accepted in any face or orientation

  • Accepts: 1200 banknotes stacked in a cassette

  • 8"4 touch screen

  • Size: 460 x 460 x 11100 mm (l x p x h)

  • Weight: 180 kg

  • Front opening for acces to the cash storage area

  • Safety sheet metal 8 mm

  • Thermal printer

  • TCP / IP connection

  • « Door-open » alarm