Money changer


The EMC is a self-service money changer dispensing until 4 denominations of coins in exchange of the inserted banknotes.


User friendly

Once the banknote inserted in the reader it will be recognized and the corresponding value will be dispensed automatically. For instance when a banknote of 5€ is inserted it will dispense 3 coins of 1€ and 4 coins of 0,5€.

The type of distribution is set in advance in order to facilitate the operation while reducing the time spent in front of the changer and optimizing the stock of coins. The LCD screen informs the user through messages indicating step by step the operations to do by the user.



In order to reach a high level of safety and to decrease vandalism risks, the money changer has been designed with reinforced sheet metal. The coins dispensing is done through the hopper modules well known for their reliability and long life span. The operation quickness in ensured by the automatic acceptation of the banknote and by a dispensing speed superior to 3 coins per second.

Its adaptability makes possible to dispense from 2 to 4 coins denominations:

- EMC 2: dispensing 2 coins denominations

- EMC 3: dispensing 3 coins denominations

- EMC 4: dispensing 4 coins denominations

Settings and information collect can be made without the door opening thanks to an infrared connection: the control can be done during opening hours in a safety way.


Easy management

The changer is equipped with 2 to 4 dispensing hoppers. Each hopper can stock from 800 to 1400 coins depending on the denomination. To refill the money changer it is only necessary to open the door, withdraw the hoppers and then insert directly the coins inside. The deposit part is equipped with a storage part where the banknotes are in bulk.

In option the changer can be equipped with a banknote reader where banknotes are coming in a safe stack cassette.

Technical caracteristics

  • Single note acceptor

  • Possible to limit the notes accepted: only 3 and not 4 denominations for instance

  • Notes accepted in any face or orientation

  • Acceptation capacity: 500 notes

  • Dispensing from 2 until 4 coins denominations

  • Dispensing capacity: 800 to 1400 coins per type depending on the denomination

  • LCD screen for user instructions

  • Size: 816 x 482 x 482 mm (h x w x d)

  • Weight: 75 kg